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Beeswax and Coconut Oil Candles

Beeswax and Coconut Oil Unscented Candle

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Nothing beats the flickering light of candles at summertime barbecues, quiet dinners, or everyday gatherings. Our all-natural beeswax and coconut oil candles are the perfect way to celebrate the special and everyday. 

Each candle is hand poured using unprocessed beeswax that is a deep golden yellow that gives off a light, warm, honey scent. Since we use such unprocessed beeswax, we add coconut oil to even out the burn so not a single ounce is wasted. 

Candles are in a 8 ounce amber glass jar with black metal lid and has a natural honey scent from the raw beeswax.

Burn time is approximately 45 hours. 

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2016 Candle-1.jpg