Fend off harsh fall and winter weather with American Provenance's new Lip Balm and Traditional Skin Salve

Fall and winter is brutal on your face, lips, hands and all other exposed skin. American Provenance is happy to now offer you protection against the elements with our new Lip Balms and Traditional Skin Salve. Made with only all-natural ingredients, your skin and lips will stay soft and conditioned no matter how blustery Old Man Winter gets. 

Nourish and protect your lips with our all-natural lip balm. Soften, soothe and moisturize with our wonderful preservative-free lip balms made with pure essential oils. 

Get the benefits of:

  • Mango Butter deeply hydrates with emollients and antioxidants
  • Shea Butter and Almond Oil softens and soothes dry, cracked lips 
  • Beeswax seals in moisture and protects from the elements
  • Vitamin E help maintain soft and youthful texture


If it's the drying of the sun, or the cracking caused by cold winter winds, our Traditional Skin Salve is an all-natural way to maintain soft and supple skin, without any harsh chemicals, preservatives or fillers.

  • Almond, coconut and grapeseed oil protect, condition, and nourish the skin
  • African shea butter--high in fatty acids--replenishes your skin and improves elasticity
  • Arrowroot powder helps the absorption of all ingredients, without any greasy feeling. 


Now In Stock -- Viroqua Food Co-Op

Simply stated - we absolutely love the Viroqua Food Co-op! Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, the co-op stands as a symbol of everything that the area and the folks found there represent – clean and conscious living!

Ever since we launched American Provenance, we’ve had our hearts and minds set on getting our products on the shelf! The co-op has always supported local vendors and we are thrilled to now join the ranks of so many other truly outstanding artisans! We couldn’t be more honored!

The entire team has been incredibly welcoming and supportive ever since we first stopped in with a bevy to goodies for everyone to sample. We can’t thank Erin enough for both her interest in our products and willingness to work with us to reach a significant segment of the Driftless audience.

Viroqua and the surrounding communities are widely recognized as some of the truly unique areas in Wisconsin. Many local residents are recognized as leaders in building and maintaining sustainable lifestyles. We hope that American Provenance products will become a part of many daily routines.

Now in Stock -- Hy-Vee Sycamore, IL

Welcome to Illinois!

We're thrilled to announce the extension of our relationship with our friends at Hy-Vee into the great state of Illinois!

When we first started thinking about our expansion plans, we knew exactly who to turn to. The good people of Hy-Vee have been wonderful partners since the day we launched American Provenance and we are proud of our affiliation.

Hy-Vee’s commitment to utilizing local farmers, growers, producers and manufacturers is second to none and we are extremely appreciative of their support. It’s a wonderful feeling to have people that you can count and rely on that share our commitment to quality products at an affordable price.

Our very first retail outlet will be at the Sycamore store. We can’t thank Jeanna and Jeff enough for their willingness to work with us to introduce our products to a wider Midwestern audience. Their support of small businesses is evident throughout the store and we are very grateful to now be included among all of the other outstanding local vendors.

Be sure to look for one of our custom reclaimed barn wood display pieces to find the American Provenance products that are right for you!

From Kyle, Now in Stock

Now In Stock -- Hometown Pharmacy

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Hometown Pharmacy! We have delivered our full line of  American Provenance products to thirteen Wisconsin locations!

Hometown Pharmacy is comprised of a group of locally owned, independent retail pharmacies; each serving a specific Wisconsin community with all locations dedicated to providing knowledge, expertise, and unique services setting them apart from corporate pharmacies.

When I first met with the staff of Hometown Pharmacy, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how well-aligned our philosophies are. At American Provenance we value integrity, wholesomeness and purity. Hometown Pharmacy holds these same ideas in the highest regard. Their staff is committed to providing everyone who walks through the door the same kind of understanding and compassion that we all offer our own families.

The approach and business model of Hometown Pharmacy is truly customer driven. The group strives to provide a personalized approach to pharmacy care where access to pharmacy staff is emphasized to building long-lasting and trusting relationships. The entire pharmacy group is dedicated to providing family oriented products and services throughout all stages of life. Hometown Pharmacies can provide everything that you need to establish, lead, and maintain a healthy lifestyle from childhood through the latest stages of life. Unlike many big-box pharmacies, you can always turn to a familiar face and recognizable voice at Hometown Pharmacy because the folks behind the counter are the same people you encounter in your community every day.

We can’t wait for you to find American Provenance products at the Hometown Pharmacy location nearest to you!

American Provenance can be found at the following Hometown Pharmacy locations:

  • Belleville
  • Brodhead
  • Cottage Grove
  • Deforest
  • Evansville
  • Fitchburg
  • McFarland
  • New Glarus
  • Oregon
  • Oshkosh
  • Rio
  • Sun Prairie
  • Watertown

Now in Stock, From Kyle

Now In Stock -- Lillies & Weeds

Every now and again we have the good fortune of meeting some truly remarkable people. Some of our favorite encounters are with like-minded folks who share our passion and enthusiasm for hand-crafted natural products and sustainable lifestyles. This is certainly the case with our newest retail partners, Karen and Jim Lillie.

Throughout our first conversation, I felt like we were actually old friends. Our talk evolved from a brief introduction to the thought process behind American Provenance and an explanation of how we develop our products, to a thorough discussion of the importance of supporting small, green businesses. At that point, I had little idea that Karen and Jim were the visionaries behind some of the most wonderful environmentally conscious shops that we have ever visited!

Before too long (and as their smiles grew), Karen and Jim revealed that they were in fact the owners of both Lillies and Weeds. They expressed an interest in carrying American Provenance products and we were well on our way to cultivating a lasting friendship.

My first visit to their shops was like something out of a storybook. Downtown Cedarburg is one of Wisconsin’s most charming destinations. Walking along Washington Avenue on a crisp fall day reminded me of the importance of small business anchors to many quaint communities. There’s something heart-warming and nostalgic about this stretch of Wisconsin that evokes a real longing for the way things used to be across America when Mom & Pop stores were the norm rather than the exception.

Karen and Jim have done an outstanding job of creating an shopping experience based on a recognition of the importance of individual consumer decisions. They have place an emphasis on supporting small-scale craftspeople creating unique, earth-friendly items for folks from all walks of life.

We are thrilled with our partnership and look forward to what the future will bring.

From Kyle

The Kindness of New Friends

Every now and again, I experience a moment that makes the stress and struggles of launching a new business all worth it. My most recent moment of appreciation came at an in-store sampling last week.

I had set up a small display and was talking with some potential customers when I was approached by a man who asked me if American Provenance was my company. I confirmed that I had founded the company after years of research, development and testing. I told him that I work with an amazing team of talented people who lead the branding, marketing, and production of our products. The look on his face and the smile that soon followed gave me an assurance that whatever he had to say would be well worth listening to. He extended his hand and simply said, “Thank you. Your products are wonderful. I don’t intend to buy deodorant from any other company ever again. I love what you’re doing and wish you the best of luck.” I was beside myself. The kindness and compliments extended by a complete stranger was overwhelming. This encounter was one that I will always remember and value.

This brief discussion made me think more broadly about the last several months and everything that has occurred to fuel the growth of our company. Our customers are more than merely part of an economic machine. The people that buy our products are our friends. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never met, if we’re separated by lines on a map, or if someone else purchased our products for you. We care about you. We care about the decisions you make, the products you use, and what you introduce to your body. We only make products that meet our standards, that we use ourselves, and that we know are safe and beneficial.

Keep telling us what you think and we’ll continue to make products to make you (our new friend) look, smell and feel your very best.

Now in Stock -- Raw Materials Wellness and Learning Center

Every now and again we cross paths with like-minded folks who quickly become our friends. This is how our most recent retail relationship has developed with Raw Materials.

When I first met Nancy, I was immediately struck by her approach to health and wellness. Sharing ideas and swapping stories came easy as we have very similar perspectives on the use and benefits of natural products. Her interest in our products was very flattering and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work together.

Throughout our conversations, we’ve discovered that we also share a commitment to the arts. Raw Materials has a strong connection with local arts scene and has a long-standing relationship with the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. We love working with people who not only share similar philosophies in regards to natural products, but also realize the importance of supporting our friends and neighbors in related fields.

Raw Materials is a wonderful outlet for some of the best products you can find. Nancy and Sean have done their homework and have carefully selected a handful of small-batch artisans to represent and share with their clients. We’re excited to grow with Raw Materials and encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their holistic approach to health and wellness and the products that they carry to support all of your lifestyle decisions.

Now in Stock, From Kyle

Now in Stock -- Outpost Natural Foods

We simply can’t find the words to adequately describe the excitement we feel about our new partnership with Outpost Natural Foods. We’re thrilled that you can now find the full suite of American Provenance products at all four Outpost Natural Foods locations (Mequon, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Bay View)!

Outpost Natural Foods is widely recognized as a pioneer of the local foods movement through cooperative market ownership. The group began their operations in 1970 and over the course of the last 45 years have been leaders at the forefront of providing sustainable products to the communities that they serve. The visionaries at Outpost Natural Foods have always understood the importance of small-scale decisions and individual actions in the context of a wider world view. Their commitment to providing wholesome goods to the neighborhoods where they’ve strategically located their stores serves as an example for community based businesses everywhere.

Every trip to Outpost Natural Foods is a memorable experience. Their staff members are friendly and knowledgeable and always take the time to answer any question or point owners and guests in the right direction. Each store carries a wide range of products and the buyers value the contributions of local farmers and producers. We are extremely proud to join the list of Wisconsin based vendors offering their unique products at Outpost Natural Foods.

We can’t wait for you to visit the store nearest to you to find the very best fresh, local, and sustainable products anywhere!

From Kyle, Now in Stock

Now in Stock -- Isaac's Soaps

American Provenance all natural grooming products now at Isaccs Soaps in Mt Horeb

We are very excited to announce our most recent partnership with Isaac’s Soaps of Mt. Horeb!

We’ve always enjoyed the quaint and familiar feel of downtown Mt. Horeb and we are thrilled that our products can now be found on Main Street. For those not yet acquainted with Isaac’s Soaps, it’s one of the more recognizable storefronts in a truly idyllic Wisconsin village.

Barb, Tom and the entire team are wonderful people dedicated to both knowledgeable and exceptional customer service. They enjoy helping out both familiar faces and travelers from near and far. The shop map serves as a wonderful indication of where their customers come from and how everyone has worked to create a truly unique shopping experience.

We are beyond honored to now be a part of their long-standing commitment to local vendors. The shop hosts a wide array of products from some of Wisconsin’s best craftspeople. A step through the door easily leads to the discovery some truly unique and exceptional items and gifts.

American Provenance products are proudly displayed on our own display piece constructed entirely of reclaimed barn wood from southern Wisconsin farms. These display pieces are an authentic connection to our foundation and the message that we hope to convey through our products. We remember more pure and simple times when there was real value in buying products made by your friends and neighbors. We value our connection to the place we call home and we’re humbled that our partners at Isaac’s feel the same way.

Now in Stock

Now in Stock -- Miller and Sons Family Grocer

We are positively thrilled to announce the addition of our hometown grocer to the list of our fantastic retail partners!

Miller & Sons Supermarket is the place to find all that you are looking for and more in both Verona and Mt. Horeb. They are a community institution, having been family owned and operated for over 100 years. 

We were ecstatic to be so warmly welcomed when we first approached each location. Bill and Andrea both wanted us to stand out as a featured local vendor and encouraged us to have our own unique display piece. This suggestion led to a few lengthy discussion and a handful of visits to local craftspeople. We wanted to design something consistent with the foundations of American Provenance. 

Image source unknown

Image source unknown

Lucky for us, our own Graphic Designer, Greta, had found and recommended the services of local woodworker Steve Acker. Steve specializes in creating one-of-a-kind items from reclaimed barn wood. After an introduction and quick conversation, we were convinced that Steve would honor my grandfather’s small family farming legacy and build something aligned with everything that he stood for.

At first sight, we were blown away. Steve had created something worthy of not only a business recently recognized as one of the best in the industry by the Wisconsin Grocers Association, but of a country farmstead or wood furniture gallery. 

We are extremely thankful to Miller & Sons Supermarket for both the inspiration and opportunity to build our brand and grow our company through their suggestion and willingness to host American Provenance display pieces. We are also grateful to Steve Acker of Born of a Barn for his incredible concept and craftsmanship. We can’t wait for you to visit Miller & Sons Supermarket in Verona and Mt. Horeb to see for yourself why our hometown grocer also happens to be world class.