Now in Stock -- Raw Materials Wellness and Learning Center

Every now and again we cross paths with like-minded folks who quickly become our friends. This is how our most recent retail relationship has developed with Raw Materials.

When I first met Nancy, I was immediately struck by her approach to health and wellness. Sharing ideas and swapping stories came easy as we have very similar perspectives on the use and benefits of natural products. Her interest in our products was very flattering and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work together.

Throughout our conversations, we’ve discovered that we also share a commitment to the arts. Raw Materials has a strong connection with local arts scene and has a long-standing relationship with the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. We love working with people who not only share similar philosophies in regards to natural products, but also realize the importance of supporting our friends and neighbors in related fields.

Raw Materials is a wonderful outlet for some of the best products you can find. Nancy and Sean have done their homework and have carefully selected a handful of small-batch artisans to represent and share with their clients. We’re excited to grow with Raw Materials and encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their holistic approach to health and wellness and the products that they carry to support all of your lifestyle decisions.