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Now In Stock -- Lillies & Weeds

Every now and again we have the good fortune of meeting some truly remarkable people. Some of our favorite encounters are with like-minded folks who share our passion and enthusiasm for hand-crafted natural products and sustainable lifestyles. This is certainly the case with our newest retail partners, Karen and Jim Lillie.

Throughout our first conversation, I felt like we were actually old friends. Our talk evolved from a brief introduction to the thought process behind American Provenance and an explanation of how we develop our products, to a thorough discussion of the importance of supporting small, green businesses. At that point, I had little idea that Karen and Jim were the visionaries behind some of the most wonderful environmentally conscious shops that we have ever visited!

Before too long (and as their smiles grew), Karen and Jim revealed that they were in fact the owners of both Lillies and Weeds. They expressed an interest in carrying American Provenance products and we were well on our way to cultivating a lasting friendship.

My first visit to their shops was like something out of a storybook. Downtown Cedarburg is one of Wisconsin’s most charming destinations. Walking along Washington Avenue on a crisp fall day reminded me of the importance of small business anchors to many quaint communities. There’s something heart-warming and nostalgic about this stretch of Wisconsin that evokes a real longing for the way things used to be across America when Mom & Pop stores were the norm rather than the exception.

Karen and Jim have done an outstanding job of creating an shopping experience based on a recognition of the importance of individual consumer decisions. They have place an emphasis on supporting small-scale craftspeople creating unique, earth-friendly items for folks from all walks of life.

We are thrilled with our partnership and look forward to what the future will bring.