From Kyle

The Kindness of New Friends

Every now and again, I experience a moment that makes the stress and struggles of launching a new business all worth it. My most recent moment of appreciation came at an in-store sampling last week.

I had set up a small display and was talking with some potential customers when I was approached by a man who asked me if American Provenance was my company. I confirmed that I had founded the company after years of research, development and testing. I told him that I work with an amazing team of talented people who lead the branding, marketing, and production of our products. The look on his face and the smile that soon followed gave me an assurance that whatever he had to say would be well worth listening to. He extended his hand and simply said, “Thank you. Your products are wonderful. I don’t intend to buy deodorant from any other company ever again. I love what you’re doing and wish you the best of luck.” I was beside myself. The kindness and compliments extended by a complete stranger was overwhelming. This encounter was one that I will always remember and value.

This brief discussion made me think more broadly about the last several months and everything that has occurred to fuel the growth of our company. Our customers are more than merely part of an economic machine. The people that buy our products are our friends. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never met, if we’re separated by lines on a map, or if someone else purchased our products for you. We care about you. We care about the decisions you make, the products you use, and what you introduce to your body. We only make products that meet our standards, that we use ourselves, and that we know are safe and beneficial.

Keep telling us what you think and we’ll continue to make products to make you (our new friend) look, smell and feel your very best.