American Provenance--Now at Lemonade Workshop!

We are absolutely thrilled to partner with our friends at the Lemonade Workshop and Edenic Valley Natural Market in Reedsburg!  We love the fact that our products are now offered in a shop on Main Street in one of Wisconsin’s most beloved small towns!

For everyone not yet acquainted with Lemonade Workshop and Edenic Valley Natural Market, this place is simply beyond words.  Alison and Pam have created a concept and a space for boundless imagination and intelligent thought.  The moment you walk in, you know that you are in for a treat.  The shop is anything but ordinary and welcomes everyone to explore their creative energy and consumer decisions.

The first time I visited the shop, I felt like I walked into not only an outstanding market, but an entirely different lifestyle experience.  There were remnants of a recently completed art class, spare parts from a bicycle repair and modification, the best all-natural products you can find, and my personal favorite--a cooler stocked full of ice cold Wisco Pop!  Talk about a little slice of eclectic heaven!

The shop is located a quick ride from the Wisconsin Dells and necessitates a stop for travelers and tourists alike.  Stop by and find out what the local and regular customers already know--the Lemonade Workshop and Edenic Valley Natural Market is one of the most unique shopping experiences you will ever have!

Lemonade Workshop
46 E. Main Street
Reedsburg, WI 53959
(608) 852-6549