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Now in Stock -- Context Clothing

American Provenance's Natural Colognes and Aftershaves now at Context Clothing | Madison WI

Wow.  Simply wow.  We don’t even have the words to describe how thrilled we are to be partnering with one of the premier men’s lifestyle shops in the entire World.  American Provenance products are now available at CONTEXT ( 

CONTEXT was founded in 2005 as a denim specialty store with a service minded approach. Since then it has grown in to a shop that has gained an international reputation for creating and stocking goods produced in historic American manufacturing plants and contemporary design houses.

Today marks the realization of a vision that began years ago.  We’ve always aimed to make nothing but the very best products for men from every walk of life.  Our signature scents are based on childhood memories of my grandfather and the millions of other men who built this country.  These men worked hard, put food on the table, loved their families more than anything, and somehow managed to do everything with character and virtue.  Our scents are classic Americana.  They replicate how they guys who milked cows, hung tobacco, tanned leather, butchered livestock, lumbered trees, fixed just about anything with an engine, and engineered everything we love about our cities and towns today, smelled when they started their days, enjoyed a cocktail on Saturday night, or found their way to Church on Sunday.  This is our foundation.  This is our American Provenance.

The owners of CONTEXT (Sam and Ryan) believe in the same things we do.  This nation was built on the shoulders of guys who did things the right way.  Guys that defied the odds.  Guys that never gave up.  Guys that paid attention to detail and saw things through to the very end.  Guys that left things better than they found them.  This is what we’re all about.  Our companies are throwbacks to yesteryear.  Basic, well-constructed, quality goods intended to last the test of time.

We invite you to join the movement.  Remember what it felt like the first time you saw your grandpa on a tractor, mending broken fences, wielding an axe, cleaver or wrench and noticed how calloused his hands were from a lifetime of hard word.  Come on home.  We’re waiting for you.


113 King Street

Madison, WI 53703

(608) 250-0113