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American Provenance at Metcalfe's Market

We are extremely pleased to announce that Metcalfe’s Market has agreed to carry the full suite of American Provenance products!  This is a partnership that we’ve been looking forward to forming since we first launched the company.  A special thank you to Jim and Rose for believing in our products and placing an emphasis on supporting local companies.  We are honored to be a part of Metcalfe’s Market family!

For those of you not yet acquainted with Metcalfe’s Market, the multi-location grocer is a fourth-generation, family owned and operated neighborhood market.  The stores are widely known for premium and peak season products.

I have personally shopped at Metcalfe’s Market for years because I appreciate their corporate values.  Each year, Metcalfe’s Market donates significant funding to a wide array of community organizations and charities.  These donations have benefited countless people and allowed many to enjoy unique opportunities and experiences.

I also admire the extra services offered by Metcalfe’s Market to their patrons.  Metcalfe’s Market began a delivery service long before it was even considered by other grocers.  Additionally, Metcalfe’s Market was one of the first grocers in the nation to offer online shopping.  These services allow many people access to quality food and products that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to consume and use. 

Tim and Kevin Metcalfe have done a tremendous job of transforming their flagship store at Hilldale to the #1 Sentry store in the state of Wisconsin.

We are extremely proud to partner with an organization of the caliber of Metcalfe’s Market.  Our vision and goals are aligned and we look forward to a bright future with one of Wisconsin’s most historic and iconic grocers.