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Now in Stock -- Willy Street Co-op

Image from the Badger Herald

Image from the Badger Herald

We are extremely pleased to announce the addition of the Willy Street Co-op as our most recent retail partner!  

All of us at American Provenance have frequented the co-op over the years and we have always appreciated their unique place in the Madison market.  For those of you not familiar with Willy Street Co-op, it is simply the Madison area source for local and sustainable fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, baked goods, confections, and now, personal care products.

I remember the first time that I walked into the co-op years ago. At the time, I had slowly started exploring Madison’s near east side and was becoming quite fond of the unique character, landmarks and personalities that define the eclectic neighborhood. I still smile thinking about how I struggled to pronounce many of the items and ingredients that I was seeing for the very first time. This was truly a formative and an eye-opening experience that changed everything about what I had always (and only) known with large-scale, traditional grocers.

Ever since those first few visits, my entire perspective of health and wellness has evolved. I began making much more conscious purchasing decisions and started seeking out and supporting local vendors. For me, this was the beginning of a whole new lifestyle.

We are absolutely thrilled that the Willy Street Co-op has always remained firm in their commitment to everything local. We’re thankful for their tireless attempts to support and promote small, independent businesses in the face of daunting challenges within the larger grocery industry. American Provenance is proud to partner with the Willy Street Co-op and we can’t wait for you to find our products on the shelves at both locations, situated alongside the best local and environmentally friendly products anywhere!