Charitable Platform

American Provenance was founded on the principle of honoring the past and those who came before us. Much of what we do is an extension of my love and respect for my grandfather and the countless lessons and examples he provided throughout his life.

We feel that it’s equally important to give back and leave a legacy of our own. We feel that this is best accomplished through our charitable platform.

Some of my favorite memories of my father are all about generosity. I remember how he would always manage to buy my entire little league team ice cream after every Saturday afternoon ball game. As wonderful as that was for a bunch of 10 year olds, it was even better for a few of the less fortunate kids. My dad somehow always knew when some of my friends were facing difficult situations at home. More often than not, he would buy dinner for a few of the guys. He never said anything, asked any questions, or made a big deal about it. To my dad he was simply doing the right thing. He had the means and never thought twice about helping out a kid that needed to know that someone cared.

I also remember how he really enjoyed surprising people at the grocery store. From time to time he would notice someone agonizing over what they could afford to purchase. It always seemed like we would find ourselves behind these same people in line at the check-out. My dad would get a kick out of seeing the look on some stranger’s face when he would remove the divider between their items and ours and simply say “Put it all on me.”

We realize the importance of the bigger picture and have established our charitable platform to provide funding for a variety of worthwhile causes. 

Please check back often to see the people and groups that part of your purchase directly supports.

Current Partners:

Boys & Girls Club

Gilda's Club

Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund

Mom's Pantry


Sparkle of Hope

Tri 4 Schools

Wisconsin Public Television

...and other smaller & independent local benefits and fundraisers.



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