Natural Prep and Maintenance Products

American Provenance specializes in personal care, lifestyle and home products intended for the conscientious consumer. Our customers place importance on products that are wholesome and healthy, pure and effective.

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"After a year of using AP’s deodorant I am a true believer and shout it, literally, to all of my friends. The scents are amazing, none of them overpowering, and I do not stink at the end of the day." – Kenneth K (Fenton, MO)

"I can’t believe how well this deodorant works. And the smell is just amazing." – Amy M (Wauwatosa, WI)

"Absolutely amazing products. This is the first deodorant I've tried that works all day." – Andi D (Nashville, TN)

I am in love with this company. I received a full sized sample of the Virtues and Vices deodorant in my Goodbeing box and was very leery about trying it. I decided to try it the next day at work and I am now hooked." – Debi C (Ashville, OH)